Double Din Head Units To Consider For Your Car


For cars made in recent years, driving has definitely been more than just getting from one place to another smoothly. It has created the driving experience a whole destination of its own, adding features within the vehicle that make the whole trip more convenient and enjoyable for its passengers.

One component that has truly been a game-changer is the double din head unit. While sound systems have always kept cars entertained, in a day and age of digital technology, adding screens to cars almost became a no-brainer. It has made consuming media accessible literally anywhere people may be.

The DIN refers to the opening that a radio fits into, which was standardized in cars such as Audis BMWs and Volkswagen back in the mid-80s. A double DIN, on the other hand, is only different because of its size. With double space, it has been able to get with the times and created to come with a touch screen that offers a wide variety of features.

For those whose cars don’t have built-in double DINs, it is possible to upgrade, but after considering a few things. Evidently, not all cars may have enough space available to install them in, for some cars with particularly shallow head units may have trouble fitting certain models. Some of the more modern cars most likely have the proper size for double DINs, but still with some exceptions.

For those who wish to purchase one for their car or wish to upgrade to a better model, picking one may take a bit of time because of the long list of models available and their varying features. The car owner must know what kind of abilities he would want in his vehicle, in terms of both function and entertainment.

Technology has enabled features such as watching movies, playing media straight from phones, navigation and maneuvering aids, and many others to be available in people’s cars. The following are the best double din head unit that you may want to buy:


Pioneer AVH-4201NEX

This model tries to squeeze in every feature possible in a moving car, enabling its users to get the most enjoyable experience out of their ride. A backup camera is included to ensure safety, and the technology Siri Eyes Free aids in helping drivers focus on the road.


Sony XAV-AX5000

Sony’s version of a double DIN car stereo projects digital media perfectly up to par with their other digital innovations. It has easy access to the rear-view camera and has added features that aids in hand-free calling  when on the road.


Pioneer AVIC-8200NEX

With this Pioneer model, traffic is made easier with its capability to play a movie and other forms of media while and route, paired with its crisp sound quality. It also aids in the navigation to get its passengers to their destination as quickly as possible.


Alpine ILX-207

This car stereo is a good recommendation for Apple users and comes with different kinds of external equipment such as a mounting pad, screws, adaptors, a GPS antenna, others. It can also be connected to FLAC files for playing audio.


Kenwood Excelon DNX994S

This Kenwood model is best for those who value audio quality, either for music, streaming media and even answering phone calls hands-free. Its high definition touch screen also makes navigation a breeze, no matter the destination.


Sony XAV-AX200

Besides its evident superiority exterior-wise, this double din stereo fits to a tee— sometimes even better than the built-in stereos that it may be replacing. Its audio capabilities also prove to be of high-tier quality, a model apt for those who want to upgrade.


A double din may not actually be a necessity for your car, but considering it wouldn’t hurt, especially if you want to take your ride to the next level.