The Pros And Cons Of Fixed Gear Bikes

A fixed gear bike is also termed as a fixie. This is the type of bicycle which does not have freewheel mechanism yet featured with drive-train functionality. It has been considered by majority of the people as one of the most popular option for urban cyclists. It is basically designed for standard track racing. This type of bike has been incorporated with sprocket threaded or directly bolted to the back wheel’s hub. It does not let the rider to stop pedaling. With the help of its rear wheel turns, the pedals would move in the same direction. With this cycle, you may enjoy backward cycling though it is quite difficult to learn as compared with forward riding. If you compare the bike with standard multi-geared bikes, advantages are supported with simplicity.


Fixed gear bikes are light-weighted bicycles i.e. as light as 23 pounds. It is helpful when you have to commute inside the office premises or passing through up or down flights of stair.

Construction and maintenance of the bicycle is simpler than other complicated design. For example, it has one gear and brakes and requires few parts, as a result fewer repairing would turn up which would make you spend less and enjoy your bike ride more.

In wet condition, performance of fixed gear bikes gets improved as rear brake response from the pedals supports better grip on the road. This is value for money because you can never predict weather as a result safety remains secured with this bicycle even in unpredictable weather conditions.


On long journey rider has no chance or very little chance to rest due to lack of coast ability. If the rider wishes to stop, then the bikes gets stop with loss of control of the bike.

For novice driver, it might get troublesome in turning at higher speed as freewheel is not supported in this bike. This may lead the pedal to touch the ground which might make the rider loses control over the bike.

Thus, every bike has its own advantages and disadvantages but it depends upon the customers on how they use the merits to overcome its loopholes. Moreover, you may also try teny rims or teny wheels which are basically meant to support mountain track racing. In today’s scenario, people make use of these cycles for commuting to their workplace or school. For more information on bike you may check out online website of their dealers for detail information and beneficial deal.

So, one should opt for a fixed gear bike only after a lot of deliberation. In fact, those who are planning to ride it in busy streets should not do so because of the risk involved and should pay a lot of attention to their surroundings.

In conclusion, the fixed gear bikes are much more affordable and that is why many people like to purchase it. Other people today are using them due to the ease of their availability and also their spare parts and accessories can be easily gotten online from particular dealers who sell them.